10 Things That Happen When Your Mom Visits

10 Things That Happen When Your Mom Visits

10 Things That Happen When Your Mom Visits

Visits from parents, especially moms, are always – enjoyable?! If not, they are definitely interesting to say the least.

You are an adult now! Making your own decisions, running a tight ship at home, and probably feeling good about yourself in the process. But then your mom decides to visit you – but wait a minute, you’re an adult now! Here are 10 things that happen when your mom visits !

Has your mother visited your home? Do any of these ring true for you?

  1. Before she arrives you clean the house so that it is immaculate! You want it to look organized and clutter free! Something that says, ‘My daughter runs this house like a boss!‘. Also because inevitably, she will look inside your linen closet and see how you’ve folded those damn fitted sheets!

  2. She will walk around observing all the changes you made in your home since her last visit. Some she will appreciate, others not so much. You may even start questioning the paint color you did over the summer.

  3. After a few days, she will probably question your lifestyle choices.
    Why were you up so late reading – you really must go to bed on time!

    Never mind mom, I’m 40. I can handle a late bedtime. But at 6 am the next morning you are regretting your decision.

  4. She scrutinizes you from head to toe and then proceeds to question your sense of style and appearance just as you head out the door.
    Why would you wear running shoes to the mall?’
    OMG! Mom these are converse!
    You are stuck defending your choices.

  5. She knows you don’t handle parenting advice that well, so she knows better than to give it to you. But she has that look of disapproval on her face when you threaten your child.

  6. She will fill you in on the family gossip. You may have lost touch with your relatives (and she reminds you of that), but you know what’s going on with everyone, thanks to mom.

  7. She eyes the second helping of brownie you take and reminds you that a small portion of dessert is all you need. 
    Mom I work out every day. I think I can afford a second helping of brownies.

    But deep down you know mom is probably right. Again.

  8. When you are using a knife in the kitchen, she will still tell you to be careful. It’s a knife mom, not a chainsaw. But as luck would have it, you suffer a first degree burn while sliding the casserole in the oven.

  9. You introduce her to your friends. You secretly hope she likes them. It’s almost imperative! If you are feeling confident, you may even ask her who was her favorite!

  10. She gives the most honest advice -whether you like it or not, whether you asked for it or not. But it’s the damn truth. #blessed

11 thoughts on “10 Things That Happen When Your Mom Visits

  1. I agree with the cleaning part, but unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of finding out for myself how my moms’ visit would go. on the other hand, I have plenty of my friend’s moms visiting, and I know one thing for sure; When moms visits, she does all the cooking and cleaning ( her way) so in a sense, it is a great “vacation” for daily routine. 🙂


  2. Omg all of the above! I would add the following:
    1- you should really put some make up on your face, you look tired
    2- she reorganizes my entire room
    3- she takes over the kitchen and the cooking for me (nothing like Mama’s cooking)
    4- and the mendatory cup of coffee every morning with her before going to work.

    Honestly, having her visit is just the most comforting thing, no matter how much she might piss me off!!

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    • That’s hilarious!
      My mom always thinks I don’t dress up enough (which I probably don’t do). I love her when she takes over the kitchen. When I was in the US, that was such a blessing. I wouldn’t have to worry at all. Plus, it’s funny how they always know if something is on your mind.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  3. Haha! I think all of these have happened to me. In addition to “Why are you driving like that? We don’t drive this rash in America.” And “do you really need that much oil when cooking? I didn’t teach you to cook this way.”

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