10 Best Gifts For The Book Lovers In Your Life

Getting a book for a bibliophile may seem like the quintessential gift, but more often than not, you don’t know if they’ve already read the book or prefer a different genre of books. If you are stumped for ideas, here are a few ‘bookish’ presents that are may win a few hearts over!

Bath Caddy 

Indulging in self care and soaking in a tub works wonders! But for a reader, having a book while you are immersed in a warm bath is even better! To enhance the blissfully soothing bath experience a caddy helps keep your book, ipad, iphone and a cup of tea or drink safely on the caddy!

There are many on the market, and perhaps one of the aspects you want to look out for is the expandable size to ensure it fits the bathtub. Here is the one I purchased and have been extremely happy with it. Follow my Instagram stories to see what a wonderful addition it has been to my weekly ritual!


Bellasentials Bamboo Bathtub Caddy– Image credit Amazon


Hopefully the book lover in your life does not dog ear the pages of a book!! I die a little inside when I see that happen. Regardless, a book mark is always treasured and loved. What’s more, the reader always has it with them!

My bookmarks range from my own handcrafted ones from grade school (don’t know why my mom still kept them!), a hand painted one from a friend, and one of my grandfathers made from sandalwood. All treasures of mine!

One of my absolute favorites has been the book mark by My Bookmark. They stand apart, as you see the legs sticking out of the book. Handcrafted and made in Ukraine, these are an absolute treasure to have.

The Wizard of Oz bookmark from My Bookmark

A hand painted bookmark made by a friend


You will often see Instagram flooded with pictures of a good book with a mug. We don’t just use them for pictures, we actually drink from them too! Obviously coming in an array of designs or color choices, mugs can be personalized with heartfelt messages, or even a wacky quote!

These are some nice ones that I have and are available from Society 6

Two of my favorite mugs!

Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes have been quite the rage for some time now! The excitement and anticipation of receiving a delivery box curated with hand selected goodies is quite exciting!

I’ll be honest, I haven’t had the opportunity to try one yet, but I love the concept and themes for book subscription boxes. One of the popular ones around is Owlcrate and is a great box if you prefer YA themed book merchandise.

If you are in Qatar, there is a new one that has recently launched called Rwaq and it looks promising! It has boxes both in English and Arabic.

The OwlCrate box pictured here is from Morgan who goes by Late_Night_Reader on Instagram.

An Owl Crate Subscription Box
Image credit : late_nite_reader

Rwaq Subscription box. Image credit: Rwaq website

Book Ends or Book Shelf

A book lover’s shelves are usually packed tight with books! Some are often stacked whichever way they will fit! A bookend is the perfect way to add some character while holding up the stack of books.

I have and absolutely love the Shakespeare book end which depicts the famous balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.


Shakespeare book end featuring the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony scene.

I also quite like the Superwoman floating bookshelf. It’s perfect for the feminist in your life!

Superwoman bookshelf. Image credit Amazon.com



Whether it is accent cushions or pillows to snuggle up against – these are the perfect comfort gift for a bibliophile!

My favorite is the ‘Rory Gilmore’ cushion with her favorite books. If you follow my Instagram stories, you will know I am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls. I admired how Rory made it cool to be a book nerd! Plus Jess was an avid reader of classic literature! A guy who reads, what’s not to like! But I digress.

Pictured here are some of Rory’s favorite books on a cushion! I could not find this particular one available online anymore, but here are some good alternatives.

Featured here are Rory Gilmore’s books on a cushion


Having a piece of jewelry inspired by a book is a unique idea! I always find that something more personable goes along way rather than something generic. If you know your friends favorite book, you can find pendants, rings or for the man in your life, cuff links or key chains that revolve around books.

I am a Pandora fan, and love the reading charm which can be found here
Or perhaps a key chain for the Harry Potter fan from Iff’s collection

Pandora’s bracelet with charmsPandora’s I love Readingn charm Image credit – Pandora website

Key chain from Iff’s Collection


Enamel Pins

This new collectible trend has taken the internet by storm. Quite the obsession, these enamel pins are wearable, tradable, and bring an individual flair to your bag, jacket, collar, or hat.
The enamel pins from The Literary Gift company are whimsical and would be a favorite for anyone!

An Enamel Pin featuring Murakami
Image credit: The Literary Gift Company

Enamel Pin Pencil
Image credit: The Literary Gift Company

Notebooks & Stationary

Who doesn’t love pretty stationary. I personally love the notebooks and journals that are available these days. Even when everything around us is digital, I still enjoy writing by hand. Many times I will jot down my thoughts about a book, or my favorite quote in my journal nearby. The Happy Jackson series of notebooks come in a variety of colors and with quirky messages and are available on Amazon and in Virgin Megastores.

TheNevertheless She Persisted’ pouch is available at Society 6

Notebook from Happy Jackson and the ‘Nevertheless She Persisted’ case from Society 6


From classic to modern literature, apparel can have your favorite quotes, book covers or your unrelenting love of books on it! Something you can wear and you never know who might share similar reading interests!
Etsy has some really wonderful selections and this from This Side of Happy is pretty nice!

Professional Bibliophile Tshirt from Etsy

Until next time!
Keep reading! Or buying presents for book lovers!

9 thoughts on “10 Best Gifts For The Book Lovers In Your Life

  1. This is such a creative post on what to get for book lovers! I totally love the idea of subscription boxes – if you get a year-long one for someone, it would be like receiving a nice gift once every so often in the mail. The jewelry one is also a thoughtful one. Sometimes you can take out some of the charms and hang it on a bookmark 🙂


  2. Lovely gift ideas, Nadia! I personally liked the Shakespeare book end and the pandora charm. I remembered my farewell gift from you, the pandora charm❤️. I miss you and I miss our days in Qatar. Oh and btw I visited your blog to get the chocolate chips cookies recipe, which is a winner in our family. Much love and hugs to you and to more success😘😘

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