The Top 10 Struggles of the ‘lesser- known’ Instagrammer

If you are an instagrammer, who isn’t well known – for example, someone like myself, you may understand the struggles that we go through periodically! For the most part, Instagram is a tight knit community, but if you haven’t infiltrated the inner circle and are an outsider, it can be quite brutal.

They say the key to Instagram is to create good content, engage with others, post aesthetically pleasing pictures, and voila you gain followers by the day! And yet, here we are, doing everything right but are still struggling. We console ourselves by saying ‘Instagram changed the algorithm on me again’, and that’s why engagement is low. But we still struggle. Everyday! And today I thought I would share some of these struggles with you.

Disclaimer: This post was written in humor. Perhaps with some sad truth to it. The terms ‘popular’ and ‘better known’ are all relative. This post is not directed at anyone in particular.

  1. You tag the more popular bloggers in your post, in hopes that they will ‘like’ or better yet ‘comment’ on your picture. After you tag them, you sit there waiting. And waiting. Then you hop onto their Instagram page and check the ‘tagged pictures’ and ensure your picture has showed up. Yes, there it is. Yet there is no like or comment!

  2. You purchase a product (or in my case a book) that you had seen on a bloggers feed. You figure this would give you both a common platform and a reason to connect. Then you post it, tag them, and write a convincing caption – ‘look what I just bought! Thanks so much for recommending it. This completes my life!’. They double click and ‘like’ your story mention – privately. All those dreams of collaboration quickly fade away.

  3. You look at your number of followers every morning as you roll out of bed- eyes barely open. Did I get 3 new followers?! This gig is totally worth it! By the afternoon, never mind, I lost 5 followers.

  4. You write a thought provoking caption, utilizing the thesaurus for good measure. Next you take a stunning picture, incorporating a ‘bokeh’ effect, because that is what good photographers do. You post it thinking this is the ‘post’ that will generate engagement! People will be nodding their heads, commenting and least of all, at least liking it. An hour later, there are two comments. Two! Coincidentally, the two comments come from friends you had sent Whatsapp reminders to, saying ‘I just posted something. Make sure you comment!’

  5. You find out via Instagram stories that a PR or Media event took place in your city. You were the only one not invited! Or, PR packages were sent to all the ‘better-known’ Instagrammers, and you didn’t receive one! (Note to self: maybe they are the ‘influencer’, and you are the ‘influencee’)

  6. You say you don’t want to buy followers or use applications, or bots. You are convinced organic growth is the way to go. But honestly, this is taking an eternity! I will die before I reach 10k! #thestruggleisreal

  7. You convince yourself you need a better camera, better captions, better content, perhaps even new stationary (again me). After all those purchases, you are still the ‘lesser-known‘ instagrammer.

  8. There are numerous posts that claim everyone should support each other and it takes a second to click ‘like’. So you go ahead and click ‘like’ on several pictures. Because let’s face it, it has to come back to you. And yet you are there left waiting. What happened to #womensupportingwomen and all those empowering hashtags!

  9. In an effort to to grow your account, you plan to host a ‘Giveaway’. I mean this is bound to work. After this giveaway, “I will gain at least 100 new followers because people will tag others, and frankly this giveaway is downright amazing! So naturally people want to snag this up asap!” You gain 7 new followers and 3 leave after the giveaway ends.

  10. You join Instagram pods, despite the negativity associated with them. This way at least someone will be ‘obligated’ to like and comment. Because at the end of the day, something has to work!

I thought of more struggles, but I wanted to keep it to ‘Top 10’, because SEO optimization and all that jazz. See, I am trying all the right things!

If any of these resonated with you, and you nodded to yourself, please leave a comment either here or on my Instagram post (or both if you are feeling generous!). If you are a reader, and sympathized with this post, please also leave a comment. Taking all sympathy likes too! Don’t let my struggles go in vain.

21 thoughts on “The Top 10 Struggles of the ‘lesser- known’ Instagrammer

  1. This is so very true completely suits me and the beginning disclaimer is so close it’s like ‘mazaak hai yaar’. Anyways do people really pay to get famous on instagram


  2. Oh my god! Brilliantly penned down all with humor on the peak but on the same bitter reality of fake followers and no engaging on the posts too…. No doubt the struggle is real…!


    • Cannot let this go in vain. Ure post has captures all the true feelings of the lesser known instagrammer for sure. Loved reading it. Ure doing great though. Ull sion be reaching the 10k mark. And Inshallah many more.


  3. That #struggleisreal! Although I’d say I’ve given up but such a well written article, love the sad indifferent tone to it, I’ll follow 😊


  4. This was hilarious but also a sad reality. I literally to crazy trying to come up with new content , better graphics , better strategy but here I am not even at 2k🙈 when people who started well after me have crossed 5k 🙈


  5. Hahaha…I love reading your content Nadia..its always original and its so you. Reading your blogs either puts a smile on my face, or suggestion I take or something very relatable..


  6. This was a fun post to read. I used to be one of those people who used social media platforms for Likes and followers. These days I realise life is so much more than Likes, followers and high stats. Usually when I liked someone’s post, they’d like mine back or throw a follow back. Over time I felt there was no purpose to what I was doing and I even stopped posting altogether – and that made me feel so much more at peace, just living my life in the real world.


  7. Haha! Good one. I also think it’s so unfair when more popular one’s literally copy your idea. So much for all that creativity! I think unless we are ready to come in front of the cam or show more personal stuff, I think we’ll just have to be happy where we are and just continue doing it for fun!

    Ps: heading over to comment on insta now coz feeling generous! 😂


  8. I like the disclaimer: “written in humour, with some sad truth to it!” 🙂
    I do enjoy reading your posts/captions & tuning in to your stories. Your content feels genuine.
    If you have fun doing what you do on Instagram, then keep at it regardless of the follower-count! Cheers!


  9. This is very,very relatable 😭😂 I know it takes a lot of patience and time to make an online platform successful, but when I’m rechecking my follower account for the 5th time in less than a day , I definitely realize I might need to check my priorities 😂🙈🙈


  10. What I don’t understand is what the stats do to people. I have this conversation with my teen son all the time. He has posted nothing on his insta but over a period of two weeks managed to gain about 200 followers. Yet they are not liking or commenti g on his content because there is no content.

    I ask you: what value do these followers give you?

    It’s similar on blogs. Someone could have hundreds, even thousands of followers but if their like or comments are stuck at 10, 20 or so, and they’re the same people who take time to engage each post, is the value of the amount of total followers more important?

    I see the engagement and dialogue, the community, as much more valuable than the total follower count, on any platform. But I’m not marketing anything, nor depend on stats for income.

    It’s all relative.

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