Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Starting this New Year on a happier note! Keeping it simple this time. Ten things that make me happy! In no particular order. Except number ten, which is actually number one.

Top 5 Text Messages – As explained by an Introvert

I recently came across an article ‘Why introverts absolutely loathe talking on the phone’ and shared it with my friends on Facebook. Surprisingly, it generated quite a bit of response. Some could relate to it, others took it to understand why introverts, like myself, avoid phone calls like the plague! I felt liberated – people understood me!

A Perfect Evening

Kate entered her apartment after finishing a rigorous 12 hour rotation at the hospital. She had completely immersed herself in the residency program, which didn’t leave time for much else. She glanced at the left over pizza and wine on her dresser. He had probably waited for a while and then left – as always. A part of her…