Let’s Talk Turkey!

blogheaderIt seems ironic that my second post revolves around food after I wrote at length about my fitness obsession just last week. Oh well! I love the holiday season – the food, shopping, family, friends, the festive atmosphere – and did I already mention the glorious food!!

Thanksgiving dinners in the past have always been with my friend making the showstopper turkey and the rest of us bringing sides. This year things shaped up differently somehow. Apart from the excitement that Gilmore Girls is coming back this weekend (can’t wait for it, but that has to be another post), there was more excitement for Thanksgiving than I had anticipated.

whatsapp_logo1-svgThe WhatsApp Conversation 

My friend Najla graciously offered to host Thanksgiving this year. Yay! She would make the bird and we would all bring sides. I offered to make yams and a green bean casserole. It was my tried and tested recipe – I had nothing to worry about. Somehow during the hundreds of WhatsApp messages exchanged for the Thanksgiving dinner (because what is the purpose of WhatsApp if you don’t have a gazillion messages on a group), it became apparent that we would need two good-sized turkeys. I suggested she do her traditional turkey and make another one with some Pakistani spices. She loved that idea. I told her a friend of mine – Saniya, had done it in the past and it was always a huge success. Fast forward 45 WhatsApp messages later and this is what transpired…..

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