Excuses I’ve Made to Skip My Workout

The past few weeks have been the longest I have stayed away from the gym. After falling out of my ‘workout routine’ this summer, I struggled to find my way back. Forget motivation, I had absolutely no desire or inclination to go to the gym or workout. Needless to say, this had major repercussions on my health, both physically and mentally. Of course I piled on some pounds, thanks to Netflix, books and my bedside snacks, but also, I just wasn’t in a good place mentally. (My friends can vouch for that!)

I have finally done my first workout today! This felt so monumental, I felt it deserved it’s own blog post! As I was running on the treadmill, I realized how good this felt and the familiar feelings of accomplishment and contentment resurfaced!

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Top 5 Text Messages – As explained by an Introvert

I recently came across an article ‘Why introverts absolutely loathe talking on the phone’ and shared it with my friends on Facebook. Surprisingly, it generated quite a bit of response. Some could relate to it, others took it to understand why introverts, like myself, avoid phone calls like the plague!

I felt liberated – people understood me!

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Are introverts misunderstood?


When I first started my blog and shared the link with a few friends, one of them said ‘I thought you were an extrovert all the way”. She went on to say that she thought I was pretty ‘social’ and loved ‘hanging out’. That was contrary to what I usually heard. I’ve been told I am ‘too quiet’, ‘very shy’, ‘snobbish’ (say what?!) and ‘prefer being alone’. These are common stereotypes of introverts – not just myself. As a child growing up my mom would say ‘you’re an introvert- just like your dad’. (I’m hoping she meant that in a good way- perhaps I should check back with her on that). I know introverts in general are often misunderstood. So for my readers and friends, here is my experience with it.

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