Bittersweet Lemonade at Table 19

Photo Prompt – Dawn Miller

Melissa had taken her time getting ready this morning. She was seldom rushed, but today she felt a sense of urgency to get to her appointment. She was a confident, successful woman with a thriving career. Managing several teams and conducting across the board meetings was second nature to her. But today, hesitation consumed her.

They had agreed to meet at a local cafe.

‘Table 19’, he texted.

Christopher could barely make ends meet. Though he had strong entrepreneurial instincts, he needed an investor for his startup to get it off the ground. That is when he reached out to Melissa.

‘You look good’, Melissa said hesitantly.

‘You haven’t changed much yourself. Still as beautiful as the day I met you’.

Melissa sat there overcome by emotion. This was the same table they had spent many afternoons together sipping bitter-sweet lemonade as college freshman.

He wanted a hefty investment. Could she trust him? Someone who had disillusioned her not once, but twice. But that was personal, and this was business. Or so she told herself.

This post was written as part of the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, hosted by Priceless Joy. Thank you to Dawn Miller for the photo prompt.

Word Count 174.

15 thoughts on “Bittersweet Lemonade at Table 19

  1. If he wasn’t trustworthy in a personal relationship I doubt he will be trustworthy in a business relationship. She already knows what kind of person he is and should not let her fascination of him cloud her judgement. She should walk away and not let herself get involved with him.

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