From A Distance

Sarah quickened her pace along 5th Avenue. Breathless, she entered The Met, and rushed to the ‘guided tours’ meeting point. She scanned the crowds nervously. He wasn’t there. Disheartened, she led her group to the first exhibit.

Pensive Moments

There was a chill in the air that evening, as Clara closed the doors to her flower shop and walked down the cobbled street, avoiding the puddles, as she made her way home Slowing down, by one of the dimly lit lamp posts, she reminisced about a night like this many years ago. The delicate flowers,…

Returning Home

The day John finished his 15 year sentence, he made his way to the old neighborhood. His eyes paused at the run down building. With its corrugated iron roof, frayed walls and intact windows – it tug at his heart-strings.

Just the two of us

As Carl drove up the rugged path in his Ford-150, Cecelia eye’s drifted up ahead. The sun was dipping below the horizon and the sky showcased hues of orange and blue. Cecilia’s arms were covered in goosebumps. It must be the chill in the air, she thought.

It was time

From the waiting room, I calmly make my way through the double doors into the hallway. The distinctive smell of antiseptics is hard to digest. Why are hospitals so cold? The surroundings austere. This is nauseating.


Every Thursday afternoon, MaryAnn would wait by the kitchen window. She stood there, parting the tattered curtain in anticipation. She eagerly awaited the first sounds of his bicycle as he rode up the cobbled pathway and towards her home. Would he come visit today as she hoped? She was lost in reverie, thinking back to the…

To play again

She glanced at the piano from the corner of her eye. It had remained in that secluded corner for many years. Neglected, untouched, yet meaningful to her.